12 August 2015

i'm smitten

i've started a smitten quilt
it's designed by lucy carson kingwell 

i'm making mine using epp
i purchased the pattern and pieces from paperpieces.com

this is lucy's quilt

it's made up of large and small hexagons

i love how all the pieces look before they are stitched together

these are some of my hexagons so far

the first couple are large hexagons

oops, i got a bit carried away stitching these diamonds!

and these are some of my small hexagons

three of the small hexagons are stitched together
to make a large hexagon
(as well as three extra diamonds)

there are 53 large hexagons in this quilt,
6 half hexagons and
12 side triangles

i have a long way to go!

date started:  14 June 2015