16 July 2015

pinwheels and rail fences

i finally finished a quilt

this year i have been trying to empty my ufo basket
and i'm definitely getting there, but i still have a long way to go

even after deciding i was definitely going to finish this quilt,
it still took me 16 weeks to actually do it
i'm a serious slow stitcher and i get distracted easily

this quilt was a special one, it was for my daughter
i gave her the unfinished top for her 10th birthday ... she is now 11 and a half   :(

there are a couple of reasons it took so long

firstly, it probably spent a lot more time than it should've in the ufo basket

but the main reason was because i had decided to hand quilt the whole thing
what was i thinking?

i tried one block in a baptist fan, but it was taking hours and hours
i'm a fan of hand stitching but this was a much, much larger task than i had imagined

i decided it was ridiculous to think i could hand quilt the whole thing
so i unpicked the hand quilting i started
and took it to my machine for some straight stitching

i must've made a mistake when i was straightening up this block 
and just stitched it back on!

added some finishing touches with some big stitching using perle 8 on the pinwheels
this took quite some time, but it was worth it in the end

once the hand stitching was done
i trimmed it up and added some scrappy binding

... if you look closely this is the block that had the mistake stitched back on
i bet you didn't even noticed until you read this

and voila, it's done, finished and i have one really happy little girl
(and a puppy who likes to be in photos)

... and this is the back, just in case you were wondering

date started:  20 September 2013
date completed:  7 July 2015
quilt size:  61" x 80"
fabric for top: posy by aneela hoey
fabric for backing:  posy by aneela hoey
batting:  cotton
fabric for binding:  scrappy from leftover jelly roll of posy by aneela hoey
length of binding:  298" (756cm)