08 June 2015

improv freeform, no rules quilting

scraps ... i always have so many
i use them for EPP but the pile never seems to get much smaller
lately i've been thinking of trying improv sewing but i wasn't sure if it was for me

last weekend i made a last minute decision to attend a freeform quilting workshop 
with Leslie from maze&vale

the workshop was really good
Leslie is lovely and her class was laid back and fun
it reminded me of how much i like sewing with like minded people

to start, Leslie upturned her scrap bin and asked us to rummage through 
and find about 30 or so prints we liked

next we started matching sizes and stitching them together
not looking for designs that match, just working with sizes

this is what i ended up with ...

it looks like these scraps jumped out of my own scrap bin, doesn't it?
ah well, i guess there's no escaping myself

there were lots of Leslie's own designs to choose from
and prior to the class i had planned to make something purely maze&vale
i really love Leslie's style and her colour palette

but no matter what i planned, this is what i picked out
you will see i did include one maze&vale print - third along on the top

i thought about growing it into a quilt but decided to make it into a simple shopper 
as a reminder of the class

i quilted it with flannelette as batting so it had a bit more body 
but was still soft. i didn't want it too firm

i lined it with dear stella confetti dots in blue
then added some handles made from dear stella confetti dots in mint

and it was done

i think improv/freeform quilting is perfect for scraps
it just seems to make sense in a no rules kind of way

vintage sheets are amongst my favourite fabrics
and these muted tones match so well with the scrappy front

i like being able to reuse and recycle when i can instead of buying new
and as a bonus vintage fabrics that have already lived one life are super soft

i'm sure there will be a freeform/improv quilt post coming soon
i love this type of quilting