21 October 2015

merry christmas ya filthy animal

i've been working on this cushion design over the last few weeks

home alone 1 and 2 were my son's favourite movies for such a long time
i've seen them so many times, i could recite them verbatim

my son is not far from turning 21, he's no longer my little boy

this cushion will be a nice reminder each christmas of the boy he once was
and the super young man he has become

22 September 2015

grandmother's flower garden

it's an oldie but a goodie isn't it
at some point most quilters want to be able to make one of these

i started mine in March this year
on a holiday at the beach in Adelaide

i did post a little about this before
and my pics have been on instagram, if you follow me there

i'm using mostly 1930's reproductions in muted tones of green, blue, pink and purple

i love the yellow one, but it's been given the flick

it will be a long term project that i'll pick up when i've got time
i'm in no hurry

only 10 flowers done so far 

i like this layout
not a true garden path, just stepping stones

date started:  28 March 2015
hexie size:  1"

17 September 2015

a quilt, a doll and a dame

i've entered a quilt into a competition - the royal melbourne show

it's the first quilt competition i've ever entered 
 i'm not sure if i'm ready
i'm excited and a bit scared about what they are going to say
it's far from perfect

i'm really happy with my piecing, but my quilting leaves a lot to be desired, 
quilting is the least liked parts of making quilts for me

i think i need to make friends with a local longarm quilter
why doesn't trudi wood live in melbourne?
she's my favourite longarmer in the whole world

i've only been quilting for 2 1/2 years so i know i still have a lifetime of stuff to learn
but competitions are fun and having a deadline is helpful 

it's a giant dresden plate
the pattern is by lynne goldsworthy of lilysquilts

i've also made an entry for the handmade doll section
this one will be donated to the children's hospital after the competition
this isn't a first, i do this each year

she's so cute
i hope she is loved by her new owner

and that panda brooch ... i need to make another one of those

 i'm also entering the dame edna doll i made for the reginald competition
just because she's a bit of a show off ...
and she's so sparkly!

i was going to enter her last year, but i was away in new york (how awful)
so she stayed at home, in her little house in moonee ponds

i hope she makes the judges laugh

12 August 2015

i'm smitten

i've started a smitten quilt
it's designed by lucy carson kingwell 

i'm making mine using epp
i purchased the pattern and pieces from paperpieces.com

this is lucy's quilt

it's made up of large and small hexagons

i love how all the pieces look before they are stitched together

these are some of my hexagons so far

the first couple are large hexagons

oops, i got a bit carried away stitching these diamonds!

and these are some of my small hexagons

three of the small hexagons are stitched together
to make a large hexagon
(as well as three extra diamonds)

there are 53 large hexagons in this quilt,
6 half hexagons and
12 side triangles

i have a long way to go!

date started:  14 June 2015

16 July 2015

pinwheels and rail fences

i finally finished a quilt

this year i have been trying to empty my ufo basket
and i'm definitely getting there, but i still have a long way to go

even after deciding i was definitely going to finish this quilt,
it still took me 16 weeks to actually do it
i'm a serious slow stitcher and i get distracted easily

this quilt was a special one, it was for my daughter
i gave her the unfinished top for her 10th birthday ... she is now 11 and a half   :(

there are a couple of reasons it took so long

firstly, it probably spent a lot more time than it should've in the ufo basket

but the main reason was because i had decided to hand quilt the whole thing
what was i thinking?

i tried one block in a baptist fan, but it was taking hours and hours
i'm a fan of hand stitching but this was a much, much larger task than i had imagined

i decided it was ridiculous to think i could hand quilt the whole thing
so i unpicked the hand quilting i started
and took it to my machine for some straight stitching

i must've made a mistake when i was straightening up this block 
and just stitched it back on!

added some finishing touches with some big stitching using perle 8 on the pinwheels
this took quite some time, but it was worth it in the end

once the hand stitching was done
i trimmed it up and added some scrappy binding

... if you look closely this is the block that had the mistake stitched back on
i bet you didn't even noticed until you read this

and voila, it's done, finished and i have one really happy little girl
(and a puppy who likes to be in photos)

... and this is the back, just in case you were wondering

date started:  20 September 2013
date completed:  7 July 2015
quilt size:  61" x 80"
fabric for top: posy by aneela hoey
fabric for backing:  posy by aneela hoey
batting:  cotton
fabric for binding:  scrappy from leftover jelly roll of posy by aneela hoey
length of binding:  298" (756cm)

08 June 2015

improv freeform, no rules quilting

scraps ... i always have so many
i use them for EPP but the pile never seems to get much smaller
lately i've been thinking of trying improv sewing but i wasn't sure if it was for me

last weekend i made a last minute decision to attend a freeform quilting workshop 
with Leslie from maze&vale

the workshop was really good
Leslie is lovely and her class was laid back and fun
it reminded me of how much i like sewing with like minded people

to start, Leslie upturned her scrap bin and asked us to rummage through 
and find about 30 or so prints we liked

next we started matching sizes and stitching them together
not looking for designs that match, just working with sizes

this is what i ended up with ...

it looks like these scraps jumped out of my own scrap bin, doesn't it?
ah well, i guess there's no escaping myself

there were lots of Leslie's own designs to choose from
and prior to the class i had planned to make something purely maze&vale
i really love Leslie's style and her colour palette

but no matter what i planned, this is what i picked out
you will see i did include one maze&vale print - third along on the top

i thought about growing it into a quilt but decided to make it into a simple shopper 
as a reminder of the class

i quilted it with flannelette as batting so it had a bit more body 
but was still soft. i didn't want it too firm

i lined it with dear stella confetti dots in blue
then added some handles made from dear stella confetti dots in mint

and it was done

i think improv/freeform quilting is perfect for scraps
it just seems to make sense in a no rules kind of way

vintage sheets are amongst my favourite fabrics
and these muted tones match so well with the scrappy front

i like being able to reuse and recycle when i can instead of buying new
and as a bonus vintage fabrics that have already lived one life are super soft

i'm sure there will be a freeform/improv quilt post coming soon
i love this type of quilting

23 May 2015

hey there doll face

a couple more baby gifts finished

these doll face cushions are the cutest

find the pattern in mollie makes issue 52

... or make up your own

i used felt and embroidery for the face instead of paints
and added some freckles

i think i can see princess leia in there
maybe i'll make her next

29 April 2015

sweetly stitched handmade

i just made this cute bear pillow from the book
sweetly stitched handmades by amy sinibaldi

  i love the projects in amy's book
the photos are great, and the instructions are really clear

i'm really liking her starburst dresden plate pillow, so i think that will be my next make

27 April 2015


if you follow me on instagram you'll have seen what i've been up to lately
if not, here it is

i'm making a grandmother's flower garden quilt

i've been stitching hexies on the beach

i've been staring at piles of pretty fabric

i knitted a jumper for my earphones

and i completed this baby quilt using farmer's wife blocks
but changed up the layout from the traditional one

i think it would've looked better with a border, but i was in a hurry

25 March 2015

origami bunny envelope

i made this origami bunny envelope this morning

i love origami
but i like what i make to have a purpose and also not too hard for my brain to work out

this little envelope ticks both those boxes

i plan to make some more as easter gifts

what could be nicer at easter (or any time)
than receiving one of these sweet little bunny envelopes 
with a sweet little message inside

if you'd like to make some too
here's the link to the video tutorial
by the talented chrissy from paper kawaii

25 February 2015

it's in the stars

i'm so in love with this little star pouch

i had some triangles left over from this project

so when i saw Wynn from ZakkaArt making a hexie star 
i thought, yes that's what i'm going to do with them
... and that's what i did

this is my first ever completely hand stitched project
i usually machine something, but not this time

although my hand quilting needs some practice,
i'm really happy with it

i used regular binding, not bias binding 
so it has a nice dome shape 
which makes it easy to find your bits and pieces inside

during this project i learnt that if you cut out the excess fabric after you've done the appliqué 
it makes it less bulky and easier to hand quilt

i can't believe i didn't know this or at least worked it out sooner

next, i added a pretty zipper and stitched the rest together

and it's done
a five point star on one side

and a six point star on the other

i didn't have a pattern to make this 
but Wynn is in the process of making one so watch her spaces
if you would like to make one

Wynn's blog
Wynn's instagram