05 November 2014

little quilt swap

i just finished making this mini quilt for my first ever quilt swap
over on instagram

made from the book Little Quilts 
by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger

this is where i started

i had one small problem with the instructions
where they did not provide precise measurements

this was my problem ... the arrows
first i made one too long - i think this was because i mis-read a bit
but when i made them according to the instructions, they ended up a quarter inch too small

so after wasting all of my favourite blue spot fabric, i had to pick a new fabric
then i made them a quarter inch longer
and it worked out pretty right ... this corner isn't perfect, but it's close

the posting date isn't until 17 November 
so i have to time to find some goodies to go with it

i'm so impressed with myself for actually finishing with time to spare 
instead of being up to the wee hours the night before the deadline

my swap partner is in the UK
i really enjoyed making something for someone i don't know
on the other side of the world
and i can't wait to see what i receive

i think i'll do it again