16 August 2014

pink and raspberry tilda

it's finished

i started this top over a year ago
i put it in my ufo drawer, and there it stayed

until three months ago
when i decided, it was time for it to be quilted
it took me three days to finish it

then, there it was, done
but again, there it stayed unfinished with no binding, until last week

i decided on a solid for the binding

and in case you were wondering, it's backed in raspberry spots
this quilt is very very pink!

as with most quilts - they have a story, and this one is no different ...

this quilt started out being the first one i was making for ME, just ME, all for ME, but sewing for me will have to wait

a week ago my favourite great aunt, Grace, found herself in hospital after a fall. at 90 years old her mind is as sharp as a tack but unfortunately her body is failing her and she has had a few falls lately.  her doctors decided she wasn't able to go home to live on her own

she is absolutely devastated at the thought of living out her life in a nursing home knowing she will never return to the home she filled with so many memories of fun and laughter shared with family and friends.  she has always been the life of the party, always naughty and up to mischief, so it's hard to think of her feeling such hopelessness and sadness.  unfortunately she lives in another state and i can't quickly or easily drop around to see her

her favourite colour is pink and i when i looked at this quilt, i knew it belonged to Grace, not me.  

she hasn't received it yet but i hope when she does she wraps herself up in it and she will feel wrapped in my love knowing she is cherished, important and needed ... and smiles again 

08 August 2014


epp is definitely my favourite quilting technique

downside - it's a bit time consuming
upside - once you've finished you have something that is fantastic and unique and beautiful

i do love my sewing machine but i hate being chained to a desk
epp can be done anywhere with next to no equipment, no rulers or rotary cutters 
and you don't have to make every cut and every quarter inch seam, perfect

you just need a pair of scissors, a needle and thread

these tiny half inch hexies are made from my scrap bin
to make it quicker, i glue basted them

i stitched these ones together and put them in a frame

i've also been working on a double wedding ring
it's not as hard as i thought it was going to be

i rummaged through my scrap bin again 
and found lots of pretty fabrics i just couldn't throw away

i decided on this layout

i've never really appliqu├ęd before
i had no idea what i was doing so i tried it this way 
i figured i'd have less stabs from the pins if i used safety pins
and i thought the frame would help

i was wrong

so thanks to the help of some IG friends

i used lots of straight pins and it was much better
it really stayed in place, and i didn't stab myself too much

i made it into a cushion cover
maybe next i'll try a whole quilt

 this is how it turned out
my daughter loves it so she's taken it for her own