27 April 2014

quilting and cool quilters

over the last year i have discovered a whole world of fresh and funky quilters
who use great fabrics and have mad design skills

if you are a newbie quilter like me
here's a few that have completely blown me away
with their talent and skill

katy jonesmonkey do
katy hosts a quilting series called quilt monkey for QNNtv 
and does tonnes of other quilty stuff too
basically i think she is fab, cool and talented

jessie finchammessyjesse
jessie is a quilter
she is my absolute favourite for fabric and colour choices
she has an online shop called sew and quilt

rita hodgered pepper quilts
rita makes fabulous quilts
and she shares excellent quilting tutorials on her blog

amy sinibaldinanaCompany
amy designs embroidery and other crafty and quilty projects
she has great taste in fabric

camille roskelley - simplify
camille teams up with her mum to design fabric
she also designs some of the most loved quilt patterns out there

they have all been so valuable in my quilting journey
with their words of quilting wisdom and tutorials

i send a great big thank you to each of you