19 April 2014

paper plane quilt

it's finished, i like it and today it's off to it's new owner

i was really starting to hate this quilt top

not the paper plane piecing, i loved that part

i just thought it was too plain, too boring
maybe i just looked at it too long

i decided it was too big so i cut it down
partly because i wanted it to fit my backing fabric *lazy*
and partly because it's a baby quilt not a single bed quilt

my biggest hurdle - i didn't know how i was going to quilt it
i wanted something simple

i drew all over it, to see what looked good but didn't like anything
so i just stuck it in my machine and decided i'd think on the go
a bit risky for a beginner like me

it turned out the best decision
i did a straight subway tile pattern and i think it looks perfect

not great lighting for photos today
but at least you get the idea

i love the backing for this quilt
its  pretty special by faye burgos

i used a yellow gingham for the binding
unlucky for me, the joins in the binding ended up being right on the corners *argh*

if you're interested in trying a paper plane yourself
the pattern is by the very talented Kristy @ Quiet Play
you can find her patterns here
and here's a direct link to her paper plane pattern