27 March 2014

the quilty world

a year ago, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a quilting class at my local quilting store
i blogged about it when i had just started
i was a bit unsure.  i loved quilts, yes, but a quilting class. really?

i always thought quilting was for old ladies sitting around drinking tea
and talking about old lady stuff

while i have absolutely no objection to tea drinking,
i thought quilting was a bit daggy,
involved a huge commitment 
and i really wasn't that good a sewist

a year down the track and i have truly surprised myself at how much i love it 
i have sewn more in the last year than ever

i have a discovered a whole new world of quilters on IG and
via blogs that i never knew were out there

it really isn't that daggy after all
quilting can be modern, cool and fun
who knew?
apparently all those other modern, cool quilters

so in the year that i discovered quilting
i completed this quilt in the class - a traditional sampler block quilt
well worth it for the skills learned

i've also made a few other quilts
they are just simple quilts
but i really really love square patchwork quilts so much
i will have to see if my taste changes

and i also have a few works in progress
which appears to be completely normal in the quilty world

i'm just about to quilt this one in the next couple of days
it's a baby gift

i've made some more progress on this christmas star quilt
but this is the last photo i have

this one just needs a border and it's good to go
well, ready to quilt

and finally this one
i'm in the middle of hand quilting with perle 8 thread

i'm thinking not a bad effort for a newbie

i've also been making a whole stack of other stuff
here's a few of my other handmades from this year