24 March 2014

reginald competition 2014

if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you will already know that i entered the reginald competition held by the CAE in melbourne

reginald is a softie portrait competition
you choose someone you admire and create a softie portrait of them

i decided that i would make dame enda everage

her persona is so great, i knew she would be fun to recreate in softie form

the process started with choosing a photo
i loved this classic edna expression

i drew some sketches

made up a pattern

then she started to come together

she NEEDS a dress

but she isn't edna without some sparkle and glitz
so i pimped her dress

and the rest of her,
until she sparkled so much you could see her from the moon

( don't look too close, she isn't quite finished.  can you spot what's missing? )

unfortunately, edna didn't make the top 12,
but i highly recommend you take a look at the finalists
they are fabulous

you can vote for your favourite up until 12 midday, wednesday, 2 april 2014
click here to see the finalists and vote