14 August 2013

eraser collection

my girl loves her eraser collection
and I must admit, so do i, it's pretty cute

i found these new ones for her today

this is the rest of her collection

do you have a collection?

09 August 2013

plus quilt

i finished this quilt at the end of june and have been meaning to blog about it
if you follow me on IG you may have seen it there

i made this one for my mum for her birthday

it's the first quilt i've ever made for her

i was really happy with how it turned out. i think it's really pretty, and mum likes pretty

i made it from a sakura park charm square pack and some white homespun, and arranged it in a scattered plus pattern

i got my inspiration from this quilt by jolene at blue elephant stitches. i love her quilting style 

i backed it with a vintage hot pink sheet given to me by a good friend. it was the perfect size

i was a bit worried about it puckering when i quilted it because it was a bit thin, but my basting must have been okay and it turned out great

the binding is riley blake pink and white chevron

at the last minute, i decided to hand embroider a label on one of the cherry charm squares, and it was mum's favourite bit of the whole quilt

it's alway the little things ...