25 April 2013

april @nattygai

its been a crazy month at my place and i can't believe just how much sewing and crafting ive managed to get done, especially since there's been so much other stuff going on - school holidays, family visiting and i can't seem to shake a tummy bug which is annoying

it all started about a month ago when i decided it was time for a new sewing machine
i was so undecided about what to get. i talked to a lot of people 
 the general consensus seemed to be if you can't afford a pfaff, bernina 
or a hussie then you get a janome 
then my quilting teacher started me thinking about a second hand 
machine - something made in switzerland or germany
but in the end i figured that i might then have trouble finding replacement parts

i started sewing with a brother and after a long convo with my local sewing centre decided 
that i would stick with what I knew and get another brother 
i ended up buying a NV610 and i absolutely love it. it has so many stitches and lettering too 
it's super smooth and easy to use - so much better than the old cheapy i've been using

so, the cheapy has gone to annalise and i've been teaching her how to use it

she loves it, especially the part where i spend lots of time as her teacher 
she has grand plans about what she's going to make - the first thing will be a patchwork placemat for grandma's birthday 
(similar to this one that I made her for easter)

and me, I'm on fire - i've just about finished the top of my sampler quilt
not really my normal colour choices but change is nice

i've finished and hung my vintage patchwork curtain

i've attempted and succeeded in piecing some leotards/costumes for annalise's calisthenics club
(a first for me using lycra)
i'll show you some pics of these once they are finished with all their bling

i've also managed to make my first 50 hexies from some gorgeous tilda fabric, which I plan to make into pillowcases to match a quilt i'm about to start with this fabric

this is my first ever hexie ...

and the pile i've finished so far ...

i still need to make some more hexies, but i'm totally loving them
i can't believe i waited so long to learn how to make them

i've also have these stacks of loveliness that i can't wait to get to

this one is christmas fabric ~ i'm seeing a gorgeous festive quilt

i've also been doing some new drawings and am in the middle of putting together a tute to share hopefully it doesn't take too much longer 
if you look closely at my first hexie photo, you might see a little hint

i'm not normally able to sustain this much productivity so i'm hoping my energy and enthusiasm continues until the end of winter ...

03 April 2013

easter :: autumn :: patchwork

easter has come and gone
and lots of goodies have been gifted and eaten

the trees are starting to change to yellow, orange and red
the weather is definitely starting to cool down
autumn in melbourne is my favourite time of the year
and the time i really start to get back into my sewing,
it's just too hot in summer
and to be honest, being in the pool is much more fun

today i'm trying to finish my vintage curtain

and i've also got quilting homework to finish -
last week we learned curves
they are not easy and i'm really not enjoying putting this block together

does anyone have any tips for machine piecing curves?
i think they would be easier to do by hand