21 March 2013

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17 March 2013

quilting, a new beginning

a friend of mine convinced me to start a quilting class with her this year
i love quilts (,who doesn't) but i've always thought they were complicated and time consuming
. . . i wasn't wrong

i've been to 3 lessons so far
what have i learned is most important?


everything has to be absolutely spot on
there is no room for error in your measuring, your cutting 
or your quarter inch seams ~ not even by a millimetre

i've gained a knowledge of things that were a complete mystery to me before -
dresden plate, jacob's ladder, churn dash, flying geese

my pieces are not perfect, but its going okay so far
and i'm learning so much

i'm not sure if quilting is my thing
but i really love handmade quilts, so i'll keep going