22 September 2012

parisian patisserie boulangerie

i am so lucky to have a fab parisian patisserie boulangerie
right on my doorstep

the food is gorgeous, i love hanging out there

19 September 2012

fruit loop treats

these little treats look so yummy 

made with marshmallows, butter, white chocolate and fruit loops
these would be gorgeous at a rainbow party

they also add malibu for the grown ups
 (but you can leave that out for the kids)

created by averie cooks, go here for the recipe

15 September 2012

old school me

pip is playing old school me, and i'm playing along
this is me in grade 4

pip and i have virtually the same hairstyle - it must have been the in thing!

go here if you would like to join in

14 September 2012

mad scientist stage

my little girl is going through her "mad scientist" stage at the moment ...

so for all you out there who are going through the same stage, maybe you could use this
chemistry crayon set by QueInteresante

the labels list the colour name plus the chemicals that make those colours ... brilliant,
so instead of thinking 'i want green' they will think 'i want Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame'
- well maybe not, but you can always pretend you have a little einstein

08 September 2012

tree house

did you have one of these when you were a little?

i did. it was the only toy i remember playing with. i loved it
well, they're now available for a new generation of littlies
here's the new version ...

you can find them at lark if you think this is a definite for the christmas stocking this year