25 July 2012

food in pictures

how clever are the people who created this cute food for kids,
but in real life, who has time to do this?

07 July 2012

the week that was

it's school holidays in melbourne and we've had a little visitor - our niece
she stayed with us for the whole week, which was great fun

on monday we ventured off in the cold wee hours
for my daughter's calisthenics stage practice at her majesty's theatre in ballarat

then tuesday we went to see brave at the cinema
and ate popcorn and choc tops - yum

wednesday, back to calisthenics practice for annalise
- competitions start in a couple of weeks so practice is frantic
she will have done over 20 hours practice this week
i'm glad she loves it

thursday, we had lunch at our favourite place ... chiba
absolutely THE best japanese restaurant in melbourne

thursday night was movie night for the girls
they watched treasure buddies, ate mini marshmallows and more popcorn
with a sleep out in the lounge room - very exciting

friday morning it was time to play wii and eat pancakes for breakfast

then at lunchtime my niece went home :(
and annalise and i went for a visit with one of our friends

this morning - saturday morning and it's time for callesthenics again
- will calisthenics ever end!

calisthenics finished and we took off home to chuck a chicken in the oven
we've not long finished dinner (which was yum)
i'm having a cuppa and updating my blog,
sorry it's so long, i promise to start writing shorter posts

in between all this exhausting fun and running around, i've also managed to fit in a little bit of
 sewing + crafting

these cute pairs of baby shoes

a cute lilac lucy long legs

i even had time to make some lavender bath salts 
and use them one night this week!

i crocheted a chunky cowl for my daughter to keep her warm,
it's been so cold here

and lastly, i put together a special gift for a special boy

and i made a special softie for the new little brother
but i won't spoil the surprise and post a photo here

how's your week been? has it been fun?