25 March 2012

one delight, one disaster ...

i have started my mollie makes projects 
one worked, the other didn't (yet)

first to my success, the apple cosy, i love it
my daughter takes it to school to protect her apple from bruises
i'm not sure if it works, but it sure looks pretty

it's the first pattern i have followed, so i was really happy
when i produced something that was just as it should have been

anyone thinking of taking up crochet i say do it

 now in the crafting studio, as in life, not everything runs smoothly all the time,
so for a little anecdote ...

when i was three quarters through making my apple cosy 
(for which i reiterate i was so proud of being able to do with my own two hands)
i was called away to the phone
so i sit my crocheting down on the couch to go take the call
my new puppy must have thought, 
"wow that ball of wool looks like fun"
so she grabs it
runs through my room
down the stairs
turns the corner through the dining room
and into the lounge
 pulling out all the stitches along the way ...
not happy jan

this was what she should have looked like
but she didn't
she thought the wool was fab
naughty puppy

okay next, the fabric eggs ... now these are simple, right
well for some people maybe, but obviously not me
not very egg like at all
and how did i end up with a funny lumpy bit on top?

i was going to just throw it in the bin, 
 but decided to add a rattle inside and sew it up for the dog
 (the memories of the wool stealing incident having now faded)

and so i guess in my disaster i have found success
i have a very happy puppy this afternoon with a new toy

i'm now going back to have another try at the fabric eggs
i've got some ideas for how to use them other than just for display
and i'm sure they will work out this time

finally for today, a pic of my latest custom softie
a fluffy little bunny for easter

19 March 2012

a bunny for my bunny

easter is almost upon us and on the weekend i started 
on this bunny for my little girl.  
i've been sewing and playing around with it most of today too
(so much for the ironing and bathroom) 
i hope she loves it.
my annie isn't much of a chocolate eater so i thought this would be a pretty replacement.

i've made it from one of my favourite fabrics - Tanya Whelan's Darla
and matched it with a green polka dot dress, off white felt shoes with green satin ribbon laces 
and a super cute pearl bracelet.

it's the first time i've used this pattern and i'm always a bit slow with a new pattern.
the ears, arms and legs are all hand-stitched, which also takes time.  
the shoes and dress are my own design.
i think i will play around with new clothing when i make the next one, 
but i'm pretty happy with this one.

happy easter everyone

here's a link to the pattern if you are interested in making your own bunny

11 March 2012

my clever girl

i'm so very proud of my little girl today.

she started this project last year when she was only 7 years old and it has been sitting in pieces under her bed waiting to be finished for about 6 months.

i thought that was it, never to to be seen again until it was time to venture under the mysterious cave beneath the bed for a clean up.
i thought it would be just another ufo (i have to admit i'm guilty of having more than a few of these hiding around the place).
i thought, i thought, i thought ... but no, i was wrong.

today out it came and she got to work completing her little brown teddy and it has turned out a treat. we both think he is a little reminiscent of mr bean's teddy, only cuter.
he has been christened "teddy", a fairly original name!

i did give her a little bit of help with tying off when she was sewing on the legs and arms (by hand) but the rest is all her work.

what a star - well done my little annie. xx