11 March 2012

my clever girl

i'm so very proud of my little girl today.

she started this project last year when she was only 7 years old and it has been sitting in pieces under her bed waiting to be finished for about 6 months.

i thought that was it, never to to be seen again until it was time to venture under the mysterious cave beneath the bed for a clean up.
i thought it would be just another ufo (i have to admit i'm guilty of having more than a few of these hiding around the place).
i thought, i thought, i thought ... but no, i was wrong.

today out it came and she got to work completing her little brown teddy and it has turned out a treat. we both think he is a little reminiscent of mr bean's teddy, only cuter.
he has been christened "teddy", a fairly original name!

i did give her a little bit of help with tying off when she was sewing on the legs and arms (by hand) but the rest is all her work.

what a star - well done my little annie. xx