19 March 2012

a bunny for my bunny

easter is almost upon us and on the weekend i started 
on this bunny for my little girl.  
i've been sewing and playing around with it most of today too
(so much for the ironing and bathroom) 
i hope she loves it.
my annie isn't much of a chocolate eater so i thought this would be a pretty replacement.

i've made it from one of my favourite fabrics - Tanya Whelan's Darla
and matched it with a green polka dot dress, off white felt shoes with green satin ribbon laces 
and a super cute pearl bracelet.

it's the first time i've used this pattern and i'm always a bit slow with a new pattern.
the ears, arms and legs are all hand-stitched, which also takes time.  
the shoes and dress are my own design.
i think i will play around with new clothing when i make the next one, 
but i'm pretty happy with this one.

happy easter everyone

here's a link to the pattern if you are interested in making your own bunny