21 December 2012

happy christmas

i know things have been quiet at nattygai for some time,
but i'm still here, and i haven't forgotten you

 have a fantastic christmas as well as a safe and happy new year

here's a peak into christmas at nattygai

see you in 2013

22 October 2012

make your own pencils

how would you like to make your own pencils
just like these ?

it's pretty simple really 

here's what you need ...

best to use origami paper, anything else is a bit thick

here's how you do it ...

thanks to Kimanh at paper.scissors.wok for the great tutorial

07 October 2012

christmas is coming

it's not that long now until christmas,
especially if you are planning on making gifts for friends and family

i'm thinking:

1. linen fold over clutches
2. christmas bunting
3. a dolly or two, of course
4. lemon butter
5. peppermint bark

i'm not sure what else

what are you thinking of making for the ones you love this christmas?

found this picture of gorgeous vintage ornaments here

22 September 2012

parisian patisserie boulangerie

i am so lucky to have a fab parisian patisserie boulangerie
right on my doorstep

the food is gorgeous, i love hanging out there

19 September 2012

fruit loop treats

these little treats look so yummy 

made with marshmallows, butter, white chocolate and fruit loops
these would be gorgeous at a rainbow party

they also add malibu for the grown ups
 (but you can leave that out for the kids)

created by averie cooks, go here for the recipe

15 September 2012

old school me

pip is playing old school me, and i'm playing along
this is me in grade 4

pip and i have virtually the same hairstyle - it must have been the in thing!

go here if you would like to join in

14 September 2012

mad scientist stage

my little girl is going through her "mad scientist" stage at the moment ...

so for all you out there who are going through the same stage, maybe you could use this
chemistry crayon set by QueInteresante

the labels list the colour name plus the chemicals that make those colours ... brilliant,
so instead of thinking 'i want green' they will think 'i want Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame'
- well maybe not, but you can always pretend you have a little einstein

08 September 2012

tree house

did you have one of these when you were a little?

i did. it was the only toy i remember playing with. i loved it
well, they're now available for a new generation of littlies
here's the new version ...

you can find them at lark if you think this is a definite for the christmas stocking this year

29 August 2012

work space

there's a lot going on here at the moment ...

how do you like the teddy my little annalise made?
she's very excited about entering it into the Royal Melbourne Show this year

25 July 2012

food in pictures

how clever are the people who created this cute food for kids,
but in real life, who has time to do this?

07 July 2012

the week that was

it's school holidays in melbourne and we've had a little visitor - our niece
she stayed with us for the whole week, which was great fun

on monday we ventured off in the cold wee hours
for my daughter's calisthenics stage practice at her majesty's theatre in ballarat

then tuesday we went to see brave at the cinema
and ate popcorn and choc tops - yum

wednesday, back to calisthenics practice for annalise
- competitions start in a couple of weeks so practice is frantic
she will have done over 20 hours practice this week
i'm glad she loves it

thursday, we had lunch at our favourite place ... chiba
absolutely THE best japanese restaurant in melbourne

thursday night was movie night for the girls
they watched treasure buddies, ate mini marshmallows and more popcorn
with a sleep out in the lounge room - very exciting

friday morning it was time to play wii and eat pancakes for breakfast

then at lunchtime my niece went home :(
and annalise and i went for a visit with one of our friends

this morning - saturday morning and it's time for callesthenics again
- will calisthenics ever end!

calisthenics finished and we took off home to chuck a chicken in the oven
we've not long finished dinner (which was yum)
i'm having a cuppa and updating my blog,
sorry it's so long, i promise to start writing shorter posts

in between all this exhausting fun and running around, i've also managed to fit in a little bit of
 sewing + crafting

these cute pairs of baby shoes

a cute lilac lucy long legs

i even had time to make some lavender bath salts 
and use them one night this week!

i crocheted a chunky cowl for my daughter to keep her warm,
it's been so cold here

and lastly, i put together a special gift for a special boy

and i made a special softie for the new little brother
but i won't spoil the surprise and post a photo here

how's your week been? has it been fun?

18 May 2012

loneliness and longing

it's been a busy week and also a kinda lonely week here at my place. 
my husband's been away with work and so its just the kids and me.  
it's kinda nice, but at night when the little one is in bed and the big one is doing his own thing, 
i feel a bit lonely and miss being able to have a chat and just enjoy my husband's company. 
he's a great friend to me and i love him very much.

does your husband go away for work? 
do you miss him or do you enjoy the opportunity to have some of your own space?

and for my husband if he is reading my blog today ...

03 May 2012

anzac biscuits are ace

i know we just had anzac day, but i found this on a friend's fb wall today
and thought i would share just in case there was someone who didn't know how to make them

anzac biscuits are ace

go on ...
throw some anzacs in the oven, and stick the kettle on

28 April 2012

lonny mag

i just found this cool new york based online design magazine - Lonny
you may already read it - they've been around a little while
if not, here's some of what you can expect

here's a bit about Lonny ...
launched in october 2009, Lonny is a bimonthly online magazine that focuses on lifestyle and home decor. founded by designer michelle adams and photographer patrick cline, Lonny highlights extraordinary interiors, innovative bloggers, and the latest market finds. Lonny has been featured in Vanity Fair, The New York Times, and blogs worldwide, and has highlighted design luminaries ranging from Cath Kidston to Kelly Wearstler.

find it here
happy reading

15 April 2012

ruffles, tiny chihuahuas and other things

happy easter everyone
i hope you had a great time with your family and friends
i certainly did

today's big announcement ... 
i've finally completed all the projects in issue one of mollie makes. 
yay for me

 it's been great to improve my technique and skills and even better, learn new ones. 
 my favourite project was making the ruffles, 
i can't believe i've never made ruffles before - they are so pretty. 
and although my first ruffle project is a simple one, 
i'll definitely be finding room for ruffles in my future projects. 

 okay, here they are,

- tweet tweet cover kit -

a really cute cover for your iphone or ipod.
the mollie makes pattern had a simple bird, but i changed it to a more detailed mushroom girl.
this took more time, but i like her a lot more.

- ruffles -

there was no project for ruffles, it was just showing you how to make them,
i decided to add them to a simple zippered make-up bag.
next time i think i'll add some ric rac or buttons along the middle to hide the stitching,
i'm still happy with my first attempt - it may become a mother's day pressie.

- apple cosy -

i know i've shown you this before, but thought i would add it again so i had the complete group together.
and it's really pretty!

- happy garland -

this was simply sewing fabric scraps onto some card and then cutting them out in whatever shape you like
they had examples of trees, birds or hearts.
i decided to do an "n" for nattygai.

- fabric eggs -

well this is my second effort and as you can see, still no success.
i've decided to give up on these.
it's obviously not my thing!

- tiny chihuahua -

 this one is such a little cutie.
she is from the book "felties" and was featured in mollie makes.
i have this book and love it - it has 18 gorgeous little felties that you can make into lots of different things.
i added a brooch pin to the back and attached the bone via embroidery thread
my daughter can now wear her tiny chihuahua on a hat, or pin her to her school bag.
she loves the movie "beverley hills chihuahua" so i also added a stylist and very pretty pearl necklace.

- peter pan collars -

there were four to choose from, i decided to make just one.
i wasn't sure if i would wear them all.
this one is made from green wool felt with a running stitch around the scalloped edge.
 i have attached dark green twisted silk to each end to tie it up.

 now to start on issue two ...