02 February 2011

The end of the school holidays ...

Good morning everyone.

The school holidays have ended (well almost, my son goes back on Friday!) and the new year has begun.

My little girl started Grade 2 today at her new school and she was so excited she woke me up at 6am completely dressed and ready for school including hat and blazer, with her hair brushed and her shoes on!

I can't wait to pick her up this afternoon so she can tell me all the new and exciting things she has discovered today.

Annie being back at school will let me get back to my sewing.  
Although I have been trying to do a little over the holidays, my kids really just want me to spend time with them during the holidays.

I have however managed to get a start on a few softies for my next market but this is nowhere near enough, so I will now have to get back to the sewing machine and get lots more made!

I have a new colour range ~ luscious lemon ~ and these are a few newbies:

 ~ Chloe ~

 ~ Lucy ~

 ~ Daisy ~

And here is a few more that I've been able to get ready for market:

Firstly this is Fleur.  
She has lots of lashes and loves everything pink and floral.

~ Juliet ~

And last but not least, this is ~ Mae ~ I really love her and her violet eyes.

We've also started the renos.  
The decking is up ready for the digger to arrive next week. 
I'm so looking forward to the end result, but not living through it.
It will also make it a little difficult for me to get much sewing done over the next 6 months, but I will do what I can.