18 January 2011

What new at nattygai this week ...

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would give you an update on what's happening at nattygai this week.

I added 6 new dolls to my madeit store yesterday and I've already sold 3.  I thought everyone would have had enough of shopping at this time of the year, but obviously not!  I've more dolls coming (they are half made), so I'll be working this afternoon and on Friday to get some more completed and posted.  

I also have a range of handbags to photograph and post, along with some new purses.  I will keep you posted with developments there.

There are also lots of back orders to catch up with so I'll be working on those too.

I'm looking forward to catching up with friends Shan from Missy Melly and Cathy from Bliss Clips at IKEA tomorrow.  And of course, it's always great to have a bit of a shop at IKEA!

On Thursday I'm going to the Australian Open with my son, so hopefully there are still lots of Aussies there for us to cheer on to victory!

With my husband working in Brisbane at the moment it's busy at home and it doesn't leave much time for me to work but I will do what I can.

And just before I go, some exciting news for nattygai, Louisa from Little Big Company will shortly be listing one of my softies in their 'online finds' post.  It's such a fabulous feeling when others love what you do and want to share it - thanks so much to Louisa and Little Big Company.