12 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hello to my first 3 followers and thanks for being there at the beginning of my blogging career!

I have had a great break over Christmas and I have a big year ahead.  I have a house renovation starting in the first week of February, my next market will be at the Fairy Floss Market at St Kilda on 20 February 2011 and I already have orders waiting to be filled from last year.  Therein lies my dilemma.  I have to make new stock for the market on 20 February and make the items for the back orders and I have to pack up my house for the renovation to start the first week in Feb and it is the 12th of January!

I don't know exactly how or where I'm going to work during the renovation as the house will be dusty in one section, so I could work in my bedroom where it will be clean, but then where do I put all the boxes of stuff that I have packed up from the rest of my house?

And to top all that off, I have family coming to stay on Friday for the weekend and Matt (my husband) is off to Brisbane to work on Sunday!

I'm not stressing yet, but I'm really going to have to start to make some decisions and stop procrastinating, or maybe it's fairer to say that instead of thinking about how this is all going to sort itself out I need to just do something!

Nat xx